8 Tattoo Trends to Try in 2021

Some people like neat concepts that look like pencil sketches. Others prefer large-scale vivid images of animals, plants, unique patterns, inscriptions, and more.

Badass Tattooed Elderly Who Look Rad AF | Zestradar

Badass Tattooed Elderly Who Look Rad AF

Tattoos are an art, a way to express yourself and decorate your body. So it’s quite baffling that we still hear things like “you’re going to regret it when you’re older” or “think of what your tattoos are going to look like when you’re old” in 2020.

Barbie Tattoo Trend That's Taking Over Instagram | Zestradar

Barbie Tattoo Trend That’s Taking Over Instagram

The Barbie tattoo trend is taking over the internet, and by that, we mean that a lot of people are choosing to get foot tattoos with the words “made in *insert country here*” on their foot. Most people choose to tattoo the name of the country they’re born in or the country of their nationality.