Charismatic Leaders Throughout History

The history of this planet is filled with names that will be known for generations to come because of the impact they’ve had on society. Whether that impact was a good or a bad thing, the main thing a lot of these people have in common is that they had a leadership role in whatever system they operated in, and they were ridiculously charismatic.

Top 9 Unusual Facts About Oceans

You’re likely aware that oceans occupy about 72% of the planet’s surface and contain 97% of all water. So what’s lurking underneath the surface? What mysteries do the depths hide?

Why The Russian Empire Will Inevitably Collapse

As the world is growing ever more crazy with the conflict in Ukraine, all signs seem to point towards only one possible end: the fall of the Russian Empire and collapse of Putin’s regime and power base. While we’re nowhere near that point yet, sadly, there are some clear things happening that lead us to believe this.