8 Tattoo Trends to Try in 2021


Tattoos have become incredibly popular over the past 30 years. They were once associated with subcultures and criminals, but nowadays, tattoos are recognized as real art. The tattoo-loving community is constantly expanding and attracting talented artists to this craft, improving old techniques and creating new ink design ideas. These tattoo enthusiasts can be found absolutely everywhere, from offices and hospitals to beauty salons and car repair shops. But, despite all this, you should always think twice before making hasty decisions and carefully consider your tattoo choice so that you won’t regret the ink the next morning.

Some people like neat concepts that look like pencil sketches. Others prefer large-scale vivid images of animals, plants, unique patterns, inscriptions, and more. And of course, we can’t forget about geek culture: games, comics, movies, internet memes, and all that good stuff.

So let’s see what kind of tattoo trends we may see in 2021!

1. Cats, dogs, and other pets

It’s pretty much a given that animal lovers will ink more of their cute pets on their skin. This may also include an influx in animal tattoos in general because everyone loves showing how wild or cuddly they are on the inside.

2. Floral patterns

Everyone and their dogs love green plants and flowers. But some tattoo artists seem to be borrowing powers from some cosmic being because how else would you explain these?

3. Single-line tattoos

Wouldn’t you say that single-thread tattoos are very elegant? There’s something about their design that catches your eye.

4. Constellations and cosmic stuff

Planets, stars, galaxies will all look amazingly beautiful if drawn correctly by a master tattooist. Big or small, we always love to see these pictures.

5. Skulls! Skulls! And more skulls!

Death is inevitable, and some people can feel it inching towards them with every passing second. The raging pandemic doesn’t help either. Therefore, more cool skull tattoos.

6. Fancy lettering

It’s incredibly hard to pull off, but this year people have so many things to say that their body will be like a Twitter feed.

7. Delftware ceramic style

The Delftware technique originated in the Netherlands, but soon the entire world will know about it.

8. Polynesian tribal patterns

You don’t have to be in a tribe to get these tribal tats. And they’ll always look sick.