15 Weirdest Situations You Can See Only in Public

If you thought the subway people were bad, you better think twice, as these eccentric human beings are everywhere: in the streets, in your Walmarts, in your restaurants, and very soon, they’ll be in your nightmares.

The Funniest Celebrity Wax Statue Fails

When you’re a celebrity and you get your wax statue made, it’s almost like you’ve assured the fact that people will remember you long after you die. Sometimes however, such an immortalisation goes horribly wrong.

Welcome to the Beaniverse, Where Everyone Is Mr. Bean!

Some people joked around that any movie could be fixed if you put Mr. Bean in it, and one day, a brave young lad named Adam Picard used the forbidden technique of photoshopping Rowan Atkinson’s funny face in scenes and movie posters and created the “Kingdom of Bean.”