Becky Holt Has Spent over £35,000 on Tattoos


Tattoos seem to be more popular than ever and they seem to have lost the association that they’re purely something for criminals or controversial music artists. Some people go the extra mile though, like British woman Becky Holt. She currently has 95% of her body covered in tattoos and has spent over £35,000 on getting inked up.

The 33-year-old Cheshire mom obviously realizes that her insane amount of tattoos can scare people, but she doesn’t mind anyway. She even did a thing for This Morning where she covered half her body in loads of make-up so she could show people what she looked like without the tattoos.

Naturally, she has an Instagram page where she has no qualms about showing off her many tattoos. She’s very proud of the work of art she turned her body into and it’s hard to blame her. Her tattoos are all well-done and especially the ones on her back are very impressive.

Becky still wants more tattoos on her body, although I find it hard to imagine where they’d put them. When she’s not busy doing modeling work or tattooing herself up, Becky actually works as an interior designer. She only started recently and her first project is on the way, but I wonder whether her interior design will be as loud and provocative as her tattoos.

Becky is a woman that clearly knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go for it. She also earns a living by having accounts on OnlyFans and similar websites, where her pictures and videos don’t have to adhere to the rules of Instagram. 

So despite the tattoos working against her as well as for her, she’s decided to double down on them and turned her look into a source of income. I’m sure we’ll see a lot more of Becky in the future, so be sure to follow her on Instagram to see how and when she’ll finally become 100% covered in tattoos.