Top 9 TV Shows Actors Are Ashamed Of

Acting is a notoriously unstable job. Some actors struggle to find a job and treasure every little project they get, while others manage to snag stable long-term popular series and then find out that they’re actually ashamed of the work they did on them.

10 Male Celebs Who Love Wearing Makeup

Makeup has always been considered to be a woman’s prerogative, but thankfully, modern society was able to relax a little and allow men to use mascara, lipstick, guyliner, and all that good stuff, without marking them in a negative way.

The Most Awkward Kissing Scenes | Zestradar

The Most Awkward Kissing Scenes

While TV and movies are full of super romantic moments and dreamy kisses, we know that filming those is anything but romantic. Today we want to focus on the kissing scenes that looked as awkward on-screen as we imagine they must’ve been to film.