These Celebrities Have Aged the Worst


In the world of Hollywood, it may seem like aging doesn’t exist. Many celebrities appear to stay young forever. This could be because they just got lucky from the gene pool, or due to getting plastic surgery or enhancements. But other celebs have not been quite as lucky during their aging process. While some celebs still look decades younger than their actual age, these celebs actually look years older than they actually are. This could be even despite attempts to look younger from plastic surgeries, as many of these celebs have had botched procedures over the years. These celebs were once very beautiful and young looking, but their appearance has now become more weathered as time continues to pass. To see some of the celebs that father time has been most cruel to, check out these celebs that have aged the worst. 

Mickey Rourke – 70 Years Old

Many celebrities that were very popular for their looks during the prime of their career have drastically changed in their physical appearance. And Mickey Rourke is one of them. He attempted to keep his young looks in tact, but he’s had a lot of surgeries over the years that have not been kind to him.

Mickey Rourke | These Celebrities Have Aged the Worst | Zestradar

Pamela Anderson – 55 Years Old

In the 1990’s, Pamela Anderson was considered one of the most beautiful and desirable women on the planet. She was the kind of celebrity that every girl wanted to be, and every man wanted to be with. Now at 55 years old, she still looks better than a lot of other celebrities her age, but definitely a bit artificial. 

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Brendan Fraser – 53 Years Old

Brendan Fraser is another celebrity who was a total heartthrob in the 1990’s. He starred in several movies that showed off his good looks, as well as his chiseled physique. But unfortunately, time has not been the kindest to Brendan Fraser. His current appearance is almost unrecognizable in comparison to his former self in his prime. The full lips that he was known for have seemingly deflated and he has gained a significant amount of weight. 

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Jack Nicholson – 85 Years Old

Jack Nicolson has had a wonderful career as an actor, and has served as a role model for many currently famous and adored actors of today. At the ripe age of 85, he is looking much like he’s lived a full and tough life. But at the age of 85 and after having accomplished so much in his career, he is looking about as happy and satisfied as can be. 

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Johnny Depp – 59 Years Old

Johnny Depp was once widely accepted as one of the most beautiful men alive. His handsome looks had a mysterious quality that everyone adored. But these days, Johnny Depp is definitely showing signs of aging. This could be due in part to the troublesome legal battles he has been in the last few years, which could understandably be taking a toll on his physical and emotional health. 

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Donatella Versace – 67 Years Old 

Donatella Versace is one celebrity that has aged the strangest of them all. It is hard to understand or try to fathom how her appearance has transformed so drastically. She looks like a totally different person, and in some ways resembles something other than human. She previously was a pretty attractive woman, but now seems to have undergone some really tragically botched plastic surgery. 

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Keith Richards – 78 Years Old

Keith Richards is a good example of what happens when a celebrity parties non stop for decades. After 50 years of excessive lifestyle, it is a wonder that he doesn’t look worse. It’s a good thing that he changed his habits and is living a more healthy life these days. 

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