Fio Silva’s Phenomenal Bird Murals

If you were to visit Buenos Aires and take a long stroll through the streets, you’d be delighted to see some of the most beautiful street art created by the talented artist Fio Silva.

German Artist Creates COVID-19 Themed Art

German artist Steffen Kraft is great at speaking through his art. The images he creates are definitely visually engaging but they also have a simple yet effective way of speaking on current issues and will make you think about the world we live in and the state of it.

Portraits of Women By This Artist Will Inspire and Empower You | Zestradar

Portraits of Women By This Artist Will Inspire and Empower You

Do you ever scroll through Instagram and come across someone so talented and creative that you can’t help but go over to their page and start liking in a crazy frenzy until you realise that it’s gonna show up in their notifications as 100 likes in a row and they’ll think you’re a completely unhinged stalker? Well that’s what will happen when you come across the works of BrunnaMancuso.

How To Survive A Deadly Global Virus By Max Siedentopf

This coronavirus we’ve come to know as Covid-19 is causing a lot of panic and trouble across the globe. Whether you want to wear a facemask or you think there’s no point in wearing one, we hope you find some joy in Max Siedetopf’s humorous photos on how to survive a deadly global virus. Max Siedentopf is a fellow millennial that has found humor in a dark situation and honestly we should all strive for that too.