Kunit92 Makes The Best Latte Bird Art You’ve Ever Seen


Latte art has been a thing since, well, I guess since lattes became a thing. Somehow we’ve very quickly reached the point where the art in your creamer is almost as important as the flavour of your beverage. Artists keep taking this to next levels all the time, and Japanese artist Kunit92, named Ku-San in real life, has reached – up until now – the highest point of latte art any mortal can achieve. Look at this. Seriously, how do people even get started on this?

That’s right, they make birds in all kinds of colors. No longer will you have to be satisfied with an awkward leaf or somewhat misshaped heart on your latte, you can now choose between a pretty colorful and huge assortment of birds to adorn your drink. Will it make the latte better? Probably not. But you can be damn sure it’ll make life better, and that’s all that counts. And you’ll also be supporting an artist that isn’t all that well-known at this point but more than deserves to be, so there’s that.

Naturally this artist has an Instagram page (don’t they all at this point) and in true Japanese fashion he’s already apologizing on it for their slow replies to DMs. There’s a YouTube channel on there which may lead you to think that there’ll be a few tutorials so you can learn this at home, but alas. The YouTube channel is just Ku-San teaching his parrots a bunch of tricks. Somehow I find that even more impressive, but I don’t get to decide these things. Ku-San started doing latte art mostly as a hobby, and he’s mostly a home barista. 

If you were ever thinking of becoming a latte artist yourself or are just passionate about having people draw things on top of coffee, this page seems like a good place to start your journey into the weird but somehow endearing world of latte art. Next time you have a coffee, be sure to think back on this lovely latte art and maybe use it as an incentive to pick up a new hobby. Who knows, maybe in a few years you could be the next amazing thing in the world of latte art. I’m sure there’s a lot of ground still uncovered in that specific area!