Mimi Choi Creates Surrealistic Body Art With Make-Up


Another day, another Instagram account that makes us turn out heads. Today we’re going to take a look into the art – sure, we can call it that – of Mimi Choi

As you can instantly tell from looking at her Instagram page, the main pull of her content is the surrealistic, Dali-like art she creates with make-up. She can literally turn people into walking works of art. She even has a YouTube channel where she gives you short sneak peeks at how she works.

Mimi’s a Canadian make up artist, based out of Vancouver. She was born in Macau which explains her Asian and European influence. Her biggest influences are – obviously – Dali and Escher, which is something you can clearly see from her work. 

She’s worked together with loads of brands over the years and actually ended up teaching classes at the school where she graduated. She is probably most known for creating Ezra Miller’s look at the 2019 Met Gala. 

You can clearly see this woman is a very talented individual and a true master of her craft. I wouldn’t know where to begin creating images like that on a canvas, but she does it flawlessly on a human face. It’s certainly a skill we want to see more of and I can’t wait for Choi to get more public exposure because I doubt there’s anyone out there that doesn’t enjoy her work.

In the meantime, feel free to follow her Instagram and YouTube pages so you can keep up to date on her newest projects. Besides, half the work of getting artists like this more exposure is regular people following them and interacting with their content. We may not have Dali and Escher among us anymore, but having people keep their imagery alive and kicking is something we can only applaud.