10 Creepiest Kids in Horror Flicks

Horror movies featuring children are some of the scariest out there while also being the highest-grossing. And it’s all thanks to these young, talented children who will creep the hell out of anyone!

Charmed Cast: Where Are They Now?

Since looking back is always more pleasant than looking forward, especially with the way the world is now, let’s take a look at the cast from Charmed and find out what they’re doing now.

90s Movies That Wouldn’t Get Made Today

The 90s were a pretty wild time in cinema. It’s that decade that every artform goes through where everything goes and no idea is too offensive or out of the box. It was also one of the last eras before streaming, where more financial risks...

Welcome to the Beaniverse, Where Everyone Is Mr. Bean!

Some people joked around that any movie could be fixed if you put Mr. Bean in it, and one day, a brave young lad named Adam Picard used the forbidden technique of photoshopping Rowan Atkinson’s funny face in scenes and movie posters and created the “Kingdom of Bean.”