Alfalfa Has Grown up Quite A Bit


If you remember the 90’s fondly, there’s probably a memory in there somewhere of the classic movie The Rascals. One of the most important characters in that movie, Alfalfa, was played by Bug Hall. Despite having made his career on looking pretty darn nerdy in the early 90’s, if you look at him over two decades later you’d barely believe it’s the same guy. This guy did puberty right.

The first big step Bug Hall made towards getting rid of his past as Alfalfa was starring in an American Pie spinoff. Despite the American Pie movies never having been as good as people claimed and the subsequent sequels steadily declining in quality as the years went on, they’re still the best kind of movies to star in if you need to get rid of an innocent, somewhat nerdy image. The fact that Bug claimed in interviews that it was one of the best experiences of his life because of the constant breasts in his face as he was getting paid to do his job, solidified his status as a true man even more.

The only thing left to do when you really want to stop being confused with a kid is grow one of those big and full beards everyone is so fond of these days. Bug Hall did just that and this was the birth of the term “lumbersexual,” when a man has a beard and wears plaid shirts but isn’t a lumberjack for a living. You can pretty much think of it as a lumberjack cosplay. Bug has already gone back to a clean-shaven look in recent years but at least his bearded years thoroughly convinced everyone that Alfalfa was no longer that kid we all knew from a 90’s movie.

In 2017 Bug actually got married and his wife got pregnant shortly after. He still has a pretty active career in Hollywood and has in recent years dipped his toes into the writing and producing side of the business. He’s not exactly the household name he probably could have been, but he is solidly in the “hey I know that guy from somewhere” category, which isn’t too bad when you realise that this also has actors like Paul Dano in it. Let’s not forget this guy is only 38 years old as well, so we could be looking at someone who isn’t even halfway through his career yet!