Gay Couple Recreates Photos From the 80’s and 90’s


Nostalgia for the 80’s and 90’s has been growing rampant lately, but this gay couple definitely decided to kick it up a notch. Richie and Duane been married since 1981 and recently decided to remake all of their photos from the early years of their marriage. Not only do the pictures ooze the typical vibe of their respective decades, it also shows just how much these two love each other.

The idea started because Richie comes from a family where taking a lot of pictures was considered the norm. He wanted to have lots of photo albums himself so he could document his marriage. From there came the idea to take those 42 years worth of photos and do something original and creative with them. 

Recreating them started off as a way to pass boredom when there was nothing on TV, and eventually became something that took off on TikTok so they decided to keep going. And is there really anyone that doesn’t understand why these pictures have gone viral so fast? This looks so amazing!

The hardest part of the process according to Duane was finding clothes that at least matched the initial vibe of the picture. Also dealing with the change in composition because of the difference in camera lenses was a process of trial and error.

If you’d want to start doing this yourself, there’s a useful tip they have for you: start off by scanning the old photo and doing some color corrections on it. Sometimes it took the couple up to 50 takes to get the pose just right, so definitely be prepared to put in the work!

Sadly, because for some reason this is still a thing in 2023, the couple has also received a lot of homophobic comments on their pictures and videos. The couple even goes so far to add that because of social media, gay couples are coming into contact with homophobic comments a lot more than they used to back in the 80’s. 

That means we’ve gone back as a society, people. Maybe next time you want to post vomit emojis whenever someone is having fun in a way that doesn’t match your lifestyle, just don’t. Don’t post the emojis. That’s all it takes, when you think about it. Be like Richie and Duane: love each other and have fun!