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Best One-Location Movies

We’re used to movies showing us beautiful locations, transporting us through time and space, and showing us different countries and even different worlds, but at their core movies tell us stories. And not all stories are meant to be about traveling, in fact, quite many stories happen in one place. So today we thought we’d give you a list of best one-location movies that are incredibly captivating despite being set in one location.

15 Dumb Things From The Movies We Blindly Believe In

If movies have taught us anything, it is that pulling the pin of a grenade out with your teeth, than running away from the explosion make you look super cool. And that’s true, it does make you look cool and badass, but have you ever wondered if it is even possible? Movie industry made us believe in a lot of things. But while a lot of these action movie cliches do look plausible, there are many that are frankly dumb, and don’t even work that way.