Things Movies Always Get Wrong


Movies don’t always get things right. In fact, there are some things that movies almost never do. And due to how influential movies are, this in turn means that everyone will see the wrong thing, thinking it’s right. It may be a bit too much to ask that all movies are entirely truthful all the time, a tad more accuracy really wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Let’s take a look at some things that movies almost always get wrong.


A few big things movies get wrong here. First of all, bullets travel faster than sound. This means that you’ll get hit before you hear the gunshot, not after. It’ll also almost never happen that soldiers group up in a small spot and just fire entire magazines in a random direction. Most soldiers don’t fire their weapons at all, and they usually spread out to avoid a lucky mortar shot blowing up an entire company.

Gunshots | Things Movies Always Get Wrong | Zestradar


Since Jurassic Park released, we’ve learnt a lot more things about dinosaurs that warrant a more accurate remake of the series. The T-Rex was a fairly slow runner, meaning you would definitely be able to get away from them in a car. And the ever popular Velociraptor? Well, those were about the size of a turkey. Seems a lot less menacing now, does it?

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There’s a simple rule here that all of Hollywood has forgotten: biometrics scanners only detect living tissue. You cannot cut off someone’s hand or gouge out his eye and get past biometric security. It just can’t be done. End of story.

Biometrics | Things Movies Always Get Wrong | Zestradar


This is one of the big mistakes almost every movie makes, although it makes sense from a storytelling perspective. Unless you get shot in the head or heart, you really won’t die instantly. Nor will poison kill you in a matter of seconds. And corpses are a pale gray and are usually found with our noses rather than our eyes. I know, that doesn’t sound very visually pleasing, but real life hardly ever is.

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Actual hacking is too boring for a movie. It’s not a bunch of weird code, clicking a screen and waiting until a huge progress bar fills up. In fact, hardly anyone hacks anymore because it’s boring and takes too long. Phishing is where it’s at right now. Why try to break a code if people will just give it to you sooner or later?

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I get it, it may not look very cool to audiences, but fistfights have a pretty simple rule. You get punched in the head, you risk subdural hematoma. You get punched in the back of the head, especially with a weapon, and it’s a chance of instant death. You’re not taking 15 punches and walking away casually.

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Recently some movies have been starting to do this the right way, but explosions in space don’t make sound. There is no air and oxygen, meaning sound can’t travel and fire won’t burn. An explosion in space is basically just a short flash. Also, the amount of people in movies that have something near them get blown up and walk away without a scratch is too damn high!

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