What Happened to the Cast of Burlesque?


There are many movies known for glamorous performances of actors, catchy music, and exploring themes of ambition and friendship in the world of entertainment, but Burlesque is for sure one of the most memorable ones.

In this 2010 musical drama starring Christina Aguilera and Cher, among other big names, we follow a small-town girl, Ali, who becomes a star performer at a struggling burlesque club in Los Angeles. Though it received mixed reviews, the chemistry between Aguilera, Cher, and the rest of the cast was phenomenal, and that’s why we’re going to check up on these good people to see where they are today.

1.Eric Dane

Dane was amazed by Aguilera’s transformation from a quiet, cute girl to a larger-than-life character with a powerful voice and impressive dance skills. After leaving Grey’s Anatomy in 2012, Dane took on the role of Cal, Nate Jacobs’ father, in HBO’s hit series Euphoria. Eric treated Cal as a complex character with moral and legal dilemmas and worked hard to capture the nuanced details to avoid any misunderstandings.

2.Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell shared that working on Burlesque changed her perspective on sensuality, teaching her that being sexual doesn’t diminish self-worth. After that, Bell has popped off with roles such as voicing Princess Anna in Frozen, getting the main role on The Good Place beside Ted Danson, and starring in The People We Hate At The Wedding in 2022.

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3.Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming loves dancing and how the moves can tell a story without a single spoken word, which is why he was very excited to have a song-and-dance number in Burlesque. Unfortunately, the whole scene was cut and is only available as a DVD extra. By the way, if you want to see Cumming dance, check out Schmigadoon! on Apple TV+. He’s also currently hosting The Traitors on Peacock dressed in the most fabulous tartan outfits money can buy.

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4.David Walton

After doing his showstopper on Burlesque, David confessed that he started getting more attention from gay men, but it wasn’t anything he couldn’t handle, as he’s always enjoyed chatting with cool guys. Walton’s career took off like crazy, and he started to get bigger and bigger roles. David starred in About a Boy, New Girl, Masters of Sex, and both Bad Moms films. Most recently, he’s been portraying Lucas in Power Book II: Ghost.

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5.Peter Gallagher

Imagine getting a role in Burlesque and not having a dance scene. Couldn’t be Gallagher, nope. At least he got to work with many talented artists, and the new gigs kept coming. Since then, he’s appeared in big projects like Grace and Frankie, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, Grey’s Anatomy, and the most recent one – Truth Be Told, to name a few.

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6.Julianne Hough

Before she starred in Burlesque, she was already known for her wild moves on Dancing with the Stars, which she found much more challenging and rewarding than DWTS. This new feeling helped her push herself to the limit in that movie, and what a debut that was. Later on, Julianne starred in Footloose, Rock of Ages, and Safe Haven – all in the span of three years. More recently, she returned to Dancing with the Stars, but this time as a co-host, completing the circle. Would that mean a new Burlesque-like movie is on the horizon? Who knows.

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Burlesque marked Cher’s return after a seven-year hiatus. Cut her some slack. Cher’s a singer, not an actress. She portrayed Tess, the owner of the Burlesque Lounge, who mentors Ali. Despite her enthusiasm for acting, Cher was disappointed with the film’s quality, even going as far as to criticize the director and script. But that didn’t mean much to Cher’s career, as she’s still active in 2023. Recently, she announced “Cher-lato,” her gelato company, and teased a Christmas album coming out in 2023.

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8.Christina Aguilera

Burlesque was Aguilera’s big-screen debut. This role allowed Christina to showcase her acting and musical talents as she performed and co-wrote several original songs. Since the movie’s release, Aguilera’s music career has continued to thrive. She released her second album in 2022, mostly themed around motherhood and her music career. In addition to that, Aguilera is a powerful LGBTQIA+ ally, and she performed at Pride events in both NYC and LA.

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