Bella Ramsey Transformation after GoT

We first saw English actress Bella Ramsey when she was just a young girl. She’s known for her role as noblewoman Lyanna Mormont in Game of Thrones, but in 2022 she’s of legal age and in a new place in her life.

8 TV Shows Featuring An Anti-Heroine

These types of characters present a different perspective on what it means to be a powerful female, and challenges the conventional stereotypes we have traditionally employed when depicting female heroes.

9 Actresses Whose Pregnancies Were Hidden On-Screen

We often get more romantic sub-plots in films and TV series than it would ever be possible in real life. But that’s just what viewers want to see at the end of their workday. There is a wild card among all those relationship tropes – real pregnancy and, of course, the inevitable baby.

Game of Thrones Cast: What Are They Doing Now? | Zestradar

Game of Thrones Cast: What Are They Doing Now?

Game of Thrones hit the screens back in 2011 and has been airing for 8 years until its last episode that came out in 2019. Time runs differently for younger actors, so most of them actually matured while filming the show! Of course, the rest of the cast bloomed in their own ways, too. So, what are they up to now when the biggest show of their lives is over?

12 Best TV Shows To Binge Watch While You’re Sitting At Home

If you’re one of those people who are currently stranded at home trying to figure out what to do with the abundance of free time you have at your disposal, fear not, as there are enough TV shows to last you a lifetime. This is the time when you can finally binge-watch all those cool and fun shows you never had the chance to catch due to work and various outside activities. Well, now is your time!