Our Favorite Disney Characters if They Were Real


Disney has been taking over the world of cinema in the last decade or so, either by building their own brands or by flat-out buying companies that owned the movie rights to said brands. And as much as you can question their business practices, the fact remains that there’s almost no character smothered in nostalgia that isn’t part of the Disney family right now. And if you have a library of such a huge amount of iconic characters, where do you go? Well, leave that to Michael Kutsche.

Michael is a German artist that basically creates new characters or reimagines old ones in a more realistic and lifelike style. He’s a well-respected concept artist and has in fact worked for Disney on a number of occasions, like the Jungle Book live-action remake, the first Thor movie and lots of other stuff.  

It’s fair to say that Michael is the best at what he does. He can make characters that we know from fictional universes look very lifelike and fresh. Just imagine being Disney and trying to turn a comic book character or an animated character into something or someone that looks real. 

Michael is the man for that job, and he’s the best in the industry. His IMDB page clearly shows that Disney is already aware of that fact.

And the best part is that Michael is still very young. He could go on to create these amazing concepts for decades to come, while companies like Disney could profit from it to turn all their characters into live action versions that can give a new generation what we had as children. Considering that he only really started working in the movie industry a decade ago and he’s already done Thor, The Jungle Book, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and a bunch of other movies where the visuals really stand out, this guy is bound for great things. 

And it’s about time that he gained some more recognition for his work as well, so remember his name! And don’t forget to look for his name in the credits. You have to stay for the post credits scene anyway, that’s how they do it in the big Disney movies.