The Disney Wedding Gown Collection Is Out | Zestradar

The Disney Wedding Gown Collection Is Out

The collection is called Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Collection and it features 16 wedding gown designs that are modelled after 9 Disney Princesses with some alterations that add different details depending on what you prefer.

Artist Creates Masks for Disney Princesses, And It's Best Thing You'll See Today | Zestradar

Artist Creates Masks for Disney Princesses, And It’s Best Thing You’ll See Today

It’s fun to imagine our favourite Disney Princesses in all kinds of settings – that’s why artists do it all the time! We’ve seen Disney girls change gender and experience romance in modern day cities, but Dave Salamanca Rojas went even further and imagined Disney Princesses during quarantine. They would also have to wear masks, right?

What If Covid-19 Hit Disney? | Zestradar

What If Covid-19 Hit Disney?

The world is a pretty strange, scary and definitely very tense place right now and everyone is coping in any way they can. Some people work out a lot, others spend ages watching movies and TV shows. But a lot of us are using humor as a coping mechanism and artists are not immune to that either.

10 Disney Movies That Need a Remake

Disney’s entire business model seems to revolve around sequels and remakes these days. And look, I don’t blame them. If the movies are bringing in the big bucks, why not go the easy way? Who would take a huge gamble and risk losing a lot of money? I mean a company as rich as Disney could definitely afford a little experimentation. And it would really please audiences who are absolutely sick of the remakes.