7 Weirdest Celebrity Beauty Hacks We’ve Ever Heard About


Celebrities have unlimited access to resources that many of us cannot even fathom. This many times includes their financial status, with most celebs having seemingly unlimited funds to do whatever they want. Because of this, celebs are known for doing some pretty strange things. This is the case for their behavior, their habits and most of all, their purchases. Stars have done some pretty interesting things with their money, and some of these wild buys are actually unbelievable. One of the key areas that you see celebrities spending their money in odd ways is in beauty. In order to continually chase the fountain of youth, celebrities will try almost anything. What is interesting about some celebs is that they have found some inexpensive ways to keep up their beauty regimens, with everyday household items. From dying their hair with food condiments, to using school supplies for instant face lifts, celebrities get a bit strange with their beauty hacks. If you are ready to see just how off the wall celebs can get about preserving their looks, check out these 7 weirdest celebrity beauty hacks we’ve ever heard about. 

Suki Waterhouse — Coca Cola Shampoo

Model Suki Waterhouse swears by using soda as shampoo, specifically Coca Cola. “I rinse my hair with Coca-Cola sometimes,” she said. “I don’t like my hair when it’s washed — it’s fine and limp — but Coca-Cola makes it tousled, like I’ve gone through the Amazon or something.”

Sienna Miller — Ketchup Hair Bleach

Another strange household product that celebs are using for their hair is ketchup. Actress Sienna Miller is using it as hair bleach. When she had a debacle with store bought hair dyes, ketchup was the only thing that she could find to restore her hair. “The only thing that made any difference was ketchup, so for about a year and a half I had to put tomato ketchup on my hair under heat until it went back to normal,” she said. 

Beyonce — Gluestick Eyebrow Gel

Who knew school supplies could come in handy for beauty? Beyonce’ uses it to style her eyebrows. “My [favorite] beauty hack is to use Elmer’s Glue Stick as the ultimate brow gel in the heat,” said Beyonce’s makeup artist Sir John. “It doesn’t clog your pores, and it washes off easily.”

Blake Lively — Mayonnaise Hair Mask

Blake Lively is known for her beautiful blonde tresses. Would you believe that a dollop of mayonnaise is behind her signature look? “My mom taught me this really great beauty tip. She used to put oil or mayonnaise on the bottom half of her hair before she would shower,” Lively said. “That way, when she would shampoo, the soap wouldn’t strip the bottom of the hair and dry it out, making it brittle.”

Catherine Zeta-Jones — Beer Hair Conditioner

Beer may not be everyone’s favorite drink of choice, but a can of the stuff can work wonders on your hair, according to Catherine Zeta-Jones. She uses a DIY conditioner combining honey with beer. “I do condition my hair with honey and beer,” she said. “I smell like the bottom of a beer barrel for days afterward, but it’s very good for the hair.”

Julianne Hough — Turmeric Toothpaste

Turmeric is a health food that is becoming popular for many reasons, and one celeb has started using it as toothpaste. Julianne Hough says that it is great for whitening teeth. “You’d think it would be the opposite and it’d stain your teeth, but it actually makes them whiter. Tumeric is the bomb. Y’all should try it,” she said. 

Nicole Kidman — Cranberry Shampoo

Colored hair needs specific, non damaging shampoo, and Nicole Kidman says that cranberry juice is the perfect option. “If you have red hair, try washing it in cranberry juice, and if you’re blonde, a champagne rinse can work wonders,” she said.