7 Weirdest Celebrity Beauty Hacks We’ve Ever Heard About

From dying their hair with food condiments, to using school supplies for instant face lifts, celebrities get a bit strange with their beauty hacks. If you are ready to see just how off the wall celebs can get about preserving their looks, check out these 7 weirdest celebrity beauty hacks we’ve ever heard about.

Celebrities Have Unhealthy Habits Too

Celebs are often celebrated for their talent, good looks and healthy habits that allow them to look their best. But they’re just human, like the rest of us, and they aren’t actually perfect. Quite a few of them have some bad habits.

How 9 Iconic Singers Changed Over The Last Few Decades

Usually we don’t even want to remember the way we looked five, ten, or fifteen years ago – that’s why we tend to forget that singers used to look different, too. In fact, some of them changed so much over the last few decades that it’s hard to believe you’re looking at the same person.