15 Weirdest Situations You Can See Only in Public


Hold onto your socks because we’re about to dive headfirst into a funny-smelling rabbit hole of random public encounters! In a world where normalcy reigns supreme, there exists a tribe of unabashed, flamboyant misfits who have mastered the art of turning heads and raising eyebrows in the weirdest ways possible.

Picture this: you’re getting on a subway train, minding your own business, when you suddenly look up and see the creepiest couple dressed up as Chucky and his murderous fiance holding knives and staring at you like you’re their next victim. And right next to them, there could be a buck-naked homeless guy, and nobody would bat an eye.

If you thought the subway people were bad, you better think twice, as these eccentric human beings are everywhere: in the streets, in your Walmarts, in your restaurants, and very soon, they’ll be in your nightmares. It’s going to be a wild ride!

A girl and her raven are about to send you on a gothic journey to find the forbidden artifact.

Geez, is that girl wearing cat ears? How strange! Definitely the strangest thing in the picture.

How or why would anyone stand like this? Are her legs made of snakes?

Nothing to worry about here. It’s just the killer doll Chucky and his girlfriend, Chuckelina. Just don’t make eye contact.

Modern-day Marilyn Monroe isn’t as sexy, but you gotta do what you gotta do when things get sticky.

Sir Commutes-a-lot does not have much time for his morning routine, so he chooses to sleep in his shining armor.

Stretching is incredibly important, but do you have to do it at the airport?

If this guy isn’t dead, then the laws of physics do not obey him. Light as a feather, stiff as a drunk guy at a baseball game, right?

The crab people are slowly blending in with the regular crowd.

Not sure whether this urinal is one of those fancy plates from an underground/avant-garde restaurant or just a message to the head chef from a pissed-off customer. Pun intended.

If hoarding is a sin, then what do you call this abomination?

Spider-gran, Spider-gran, does whatever a spider can, including hitching a ride on a bus for free. We always knew she was a menace to society!

The portions in this restaurant are ginormous! Let’s just hope those shovels aren’t used for the clean-up as well.

Speaking of restaurants, this here bus serves as both transportation and a bistro, so you can have a snack while commuting to your next destination. Absolutely genius!

Lastly, we got a real-life centaur trying to assimilate into our bipedal society. Just wait till he tries to rollerskate! Now that would be fun to watch.