6 Richest Countries of the World

Around the world, there are countries that have amassed great wealth and prosperity. These countries have become a benchmark in how to develop their economies and quality of life.

The Richest Criminals in History

It’s humanity’s worst kept secret that partaking in illegal activities is a pretty good way to get a massive bank account. Let’s be honest, if you’re not paying taxes your income goes up significantly almost instantly anyway, right?

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Free Self-Care Things To Do When Money Is Tight

We all need self-care and it doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s not true that self-care means the same thing for everyone, we’re all different people and there are as many ways to practice self-care as there are people in this world. So whether you’re unemployed at the moment, or you’re on a tight budget — here are some cheap and even free self-care ideas for you.

8 Things Even Millionaires Can’t Afford

Most of us can only dream of having a million dollars. In our minds being a millionaire means you can buy anything you want and afford all sorts of fancy things. In reality, it just means you have a million dollars…