The Most Awkward Kissing Scenes | Zestradar

The Most Awkward Kissing Scenes

While TV and movies are full of super romantic moments and dreamy kisses, we know that filming those is anything but romantic. Today we want to focus on the kissing scenes that looked as awkward on-screen as we imagine they must’ve been to film.

10 Best and Worst Fantasy Movies Ever Made | Zestradar

10 Best and Worst Fantasy Movies Ever Made

Fantasy is one of the oldest movies genres that has blossomed long before the advance of special video effects, 3D animation, and green screens. One might say fantasy is the best genre of all! Here are 10 best and worst fantasy movies ever made.

10 Hidden Movie Details We’ve All Totally Missed

Sometimes only a true fan can grasp the Easter Eggs left by director in a movie. Stephen King’s books are all inter-connected, so the movies based on his works are also filled with various hidden details. Marvel films are also packed with references only a true comic geek would pick up. And don’t get me started on the whole Harry Potter franchise and the hidden messages that are all over its movies! So, without further ado, here are some of the best hidden movie details we’ve all totally missed.