Welcome to the Beaniverse, Where Everyone Is Mr. Bean!


Rowan Atkinson is a legendary British actor and one of the funniest people alive. Atkinson has played many roles throughout the years, but, of course, he became famous all over the world thanks to his most popular character, which made fans laugh in the 90s and 00s. Naturally, we’re talking about Mr. Bean.

Some people joked around that any movie could be fixed if you put Mr. Bean in it, and one day, a brave young lad named Adam Picard used the forbidden technique of photoshopping Rowan Atkinson’s funny face in scenes and movie posters and created the “Kingdom of Bean.” Poetic name, isn’t it? 

Since that time, all kinds of celebrities have been “beanified” by the digital artist, and they’re hilarious!

He is terror. He is the night. He is Beanman!

Just your friendly neighborhood Spiderbean.

Have you met David Beanham?

The Mighty Thor and his trusty hammer Beanyolnir.

The Greatest Showbean is already a great pun.

Bean Snow knows nothing.

Call him Captain Bean Sparrow!

The feral Wolvebean? Beanverine?

The legendary Leo DiBeanio.

Beany Cent sounds wrong.

Bow down before the Queen Bean — Beanyonce!

Who’s this Kardashian you’re talking about? This Kim Karbeanian; look her up.

Do you know what the 00 in 007 stands for? Double Bean.

That is some freaky photoshop, for real. But the pun works perfectly.

Meet the alternate dimension’s Bean Wick himself — Keanu Beans.

Beanie Potter, please wave your magic wand and make these bean puns stop.

It’s Jumanbean time! The artist didn’t bother to beanify that name, so here we are.

The cutest ginger man in all of the United Kingdom.

As the famous quote goes: Hasta la Beansta, baby!

It’s only fair that the last “bean” in this neverending stream on Mr. Beans is called the Lost Bean. Very ironic!