Movie Posters Are Better With Cats And Dogs


Remember the time when the biggest trick movie studios had up their sleeve was a good movie poster? Sadly we rarely see these anymore in our current digital age, and it’s kind of taken a step back when it comes to marketing. 

But there is a perfect way to combine solid movie posters with the viral memetastic world that is web 2.0. We never saw it before, but Brazilian artist Luis Rogério Faria Rosa (yes that’s one name) figured it out: we replace all the actors in the movie posters with cats and dogs.

Naturally the movie titles all get changed as well. We’re now dealing with some perfect (purrfect?) puns like The Meautrix, The Karate Cat and Planet of the Cats – although one could argue that this is already the planet of the cats. I’m also not sure if I’d watch an Arnold Shihtzunegger movie, but I’m not sure I’d not watch one either. 

There’s certainly a lot of laughs to be had with these altered movie posters, which I’m sure is something we can all appreciate after over a year of COVID misery. Sometimes art doesn’t need to have a rhyme or reason, it just needs to make you giggle.

Luis created these because he loves photoshopping cats and dogs on top of things, and can you really blame him? One can hardly call this kind of work “inspiring”, but it’s hilarious and original. Sometimes, that’s all we need. And everything with cats and dogs is bound to do exceedingly well on the internet, so keep an eye out for Luis’ name. I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve seen of him.

Although you probably shouldn’t expect too much work from the man as he’s currently an accountant, and he does his art in his spare time. This guy must be the least boring accountant in the world!