Designer Makes Outfits Based on Household Items, Goes Viral


Who would’ve thought that after over a year of pretty much living in a permanent state of lockdown, we’d go online and get amused by a designer that makes outfits based on normal household items like food or cleaning products? Well, whether you saw it coming or not: meet Felipe Cavieres. 

This 28-year-old Chilean designer probably got so bored by not being able to work on new designs outside the house, that he literally got his inspiration from doing all kinds of mundane stuff. The man went viral pretty quickly, and his designs are honestly pretty hilarious.

As you can see, he takes household items that really aren’t designed to be pretty in the slightest, and takes their color palette. He then uses those colors to design an outfit and somewhat transform himself into that object – only more fashionable and charming.

His fascination with household items started at a young age, because apparently his mother was very lucky and Felipe was a kid that liked cleaning the house and helping around the household. He remembers lots of cleaning products from his old Chilean house and is now incorporating that in his designs. A job well done!

If there’s anything this should be teaching current and future designers, it’s that everything can be an inspiration if you want it to be. Cavieres allows himself to become inspired by seemingly mundane things on a daily basis, and it’s led to the point where he can create wonderful designs out of it.

While the outfits may be a bit much for day to day use, they are stylish and wild. So the next time you’re not sure what outfit to wear when going to a party, be sure to also check the cleaning cupboard once you’ve ran out of ideas in your wardrobe.

Here’s hoping Felipe can continue to amaze us for many years to come. He’s definitely a designer that has a unique look and deserves all the attention he’s getting. Naturally, the man has an Instagram page where you can keep up with his artistic shenanigans. Go follow him and become inspired!