A Homeless Couple Got A Makeover and Surprise Wedding


When we think of the Philippines, we don’t really consider them to be the easiest place to live. There’s a huge amount of poverty and even the people that have it okay aren’t financial whales to say the least. However, living in poverty doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the most amazing things life has to offer, like a proper wedding.

The best example of this is the recently wed couple Rosalyn Ferrer and Rommel Basco. They’ve been living in poverty for as long as they can remember as homeless people, and yet they’ve somehow been a steady couple for 24 years. Most people in better situations can’t even manage that. They live in the Pampanga province and have six kids together.

And while they make due with what they have, their regular income simply wasn’t enough for a wedding. They spend their days collecting discarded plastic and selling it, but this is basically only enough to keep them from starving. While that’s not a glamorous lifestyle, it was good enough for them.

Recently though, a man near their regular spot called Richard Strandz, started noticing them. He owned a hair salon not far from where they live and started to make conversation with them. Discovering that they’ve been together for 24 years but haven’t had the money to arrange a wedding, Richard decided to take action.

Richard reached out to his friends and found some people willing to help with organizing a surprising wedding for the couple. But not just that – Richard decided to give them a makeover and photoshoot for their long-overdue wedding. They even helped pay for the official paperwork to get this couple wedded sometime later this year.

There’s plenty more that could be said about this, but just enjoy how happy this couple looks, getting to finally be a married couple after living through hell together for 24 years.