16 Poignant Anti-Russian Posters 


No war can do without propaganda. Whether it’s to boost the army’s morale or cheer up the civilians, we all need something to hold on to in these difficult times. Unless you’re pro-Putin, in which case you need to follow that Russian warship.

Many talented Ukrainian and international artists and designers have poured all their love, hate, hope, and everything else into creating poignant anti-Russian posters and shared them with the world.

Use these and many other posters depicting Ukraine’s struggle to express your solidarity with the people of Ukraine and help our information front in the fight against Russia.

If you would like to upload your own work, here’s a Google Drive link. Enter the author’s name in the file name

1. The enemy troops forgot what happened in February 2014, and they have paid the price. Artist: Katerina Veltcheva

2. We will never forget the time when thirteen brave Ukrainian soldiers stationed on Zmiyinyi island told the overwhelming enemy forces to go fork themselves.

3. If a granny coming up to an armed soldier and telling him to put some seeds in his pockets is not badass, I don’t know what is.

4. Ukraine may be the biggest country in Europe, but it’s still a David vs. Goliath situation.

5. Molotov cocktails for everyone! Artist: Gryshchenkoo

6. We will pluck that two-headed chicken! Artist: Max Palenko

7. You may have tried the chicken “Kiev” but here’s the original dish – Chicken Kyiv! Bon appetit! Artist: Komsaga

8. The world said “never again,” but it seems like there was an asterisk. Artist: Nikita Titov

9. “Pootin” in all his crappy glory. Artist: Nikita Titov

10. Come on in, boys, the water is fine. Artist: Nikita Titov

11. The biggest disappointment is that the EU is too scared to make a move. Artist: Mykhailo Skop

12. Children are being born in bomb shelters. This is not right. Artist: Mykhailo Skop

13. I wish we could smack lil’ Vlad on the heard right now. Artist: Mykhailo Skop

14. The legendary ace pilot – Ghost of Kyiv. This guy now has over 30 confirmed kills, and we still don’t know his name. Artist: Mykhailo Skop

15. Greeting, dear neighbors. We hope you love a hot fiery welcome!