Top 10 Shark Movies


Shark movies have become a bit cheesy in the genre of movies over the years. Other people may not find them cheesy, but on the contrary, may feel a bit traumatized by this kind of movie. This is likely in part due to the fact that many of us were exposed to the terrors of Jaws a little too early in childhood. But if we’re being honest, we all enjoy a good shark movie every once in a while, for the most part. Shark movies are so popular that there is a whole week dedicated to them on cable television, called Shark Week. So if you’re ready to see the best of the best, check out these top 10 shark movies. 

The Shallows

This movie stars Blake Lively and Steven Seagull and has a pretty corny premise. But that’s usually what makes shark movies so lovable, right? The premise is centered on a girl who surfs by herself in an isolated cove, and ends up fighting for her life. It’s definitely a guide on how to be resourceful in times of disaster. 


Even though this movie is over 40 years old, Jaws is still the most iconic shark movie of all time. The graphics and technology that newer movies employ makes this throwback a bit less scary — but during its time, this film was pretty advanced and scared millions of people successfully. 

Shark Water

A documentary film, Shark Water is actually a great one to watch if you’d like to become more educated on sharks and ocean life in general. This film debunks a lot of old myths about sharks and sheds light on their importance to the ecosystem. 


This movie is definitely not high quality or written the best, but it’s not supposed to do either of those things. It’s made to be bad, and it is actually good at achieving its mission. Watch this film for a cheesy storyline of a city that’s hit by a cyclone and suddenly flooded with sharks. 

Open Water

This film definitely has a high terror factor as it is based on the true story of a couple who was left to survive open waters all alone after their scuba expedition left them behind. If you have a fear of this very possible scenario, this movie will definitely terrify you. 

3 Headed Shark Attack

3 Headed Shark Attack is a double whammy — amping up fears of the ocean and cruise ships as well. Danny Trejo, Karrueche Tran, and Rob Van Dam are all tasked with saving their lives by escaping a cruise ship that’s been attacked by a three headed shark. Sound fun?

Deep Blue Sea

This is another classic shark movie, from the 90’s, that will give you a new fear: super sharks with advanced intelligence! When these super sharks get their smarts and start escaping from research labs, things get very interesting. 

Jaws 2

Some movies are better left as stand alone as opposed to becoming a franchise, and Jaws is probably one of them. Jaws 2 definitely didn’t reach the wow factor of its predecessor, but it is still a decent choice for a good scare. 

The Reef

This is another film that follows a disastrous outcome that could actually happen, when a group of friends must try to save themselves by swimming through shark infested waters to find land. 

Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus 

Perhaps the most corny and low budget of the whole list, this movie is just bad. But again, it’s so bad that it’s good. And who doesn’t want to see the outcome of a showdown between a giant shark and giant octopus?