12 Amazing Netflix Shows That Have Been Either Renewed or Canceled


Netflix is known for being a platform where pretty much anything has a chance to blow up and become the next big thing. However, it’s also a business that, like it or not, needs to cut its losses when necessary.

Here are 12 amazing shows that have recently been either renewed or canceled.

1. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance — Canceled

After having such a terrific first season, it’s really a shame we won’t see the continuation. Maybe the puppets wanted a bigger cut? Who knows.

2. Altered Carbon — Canceled

We were this close to getting all three books serialized, but alas. After two seasons and a weird animated side-quel, we can only imagine what would happen in the finale. Or we could also read the books that the show was based on.

3. GLOW — Canceled

If strong, beautiful women wrestling while wearing unbelievable garbs are not something worth watching, then I don’t know what is. We’ll miss Alison Brie the most!

4. The Order — Canceled

And another big cut was The Order. To be honest, the second season went too far with the mages and werewolves. The cast was great, but the dumb plot effectively killed the show.

5. Warrior Nun — Renewed

It is a cheesy and epic as it sounds. A secret order of nuns fighting demons all over the world? What could go wrong? Especially with such a juicy cliffhanger.

6. Cobra Kai — Renewed

There are countless reasons why renewing this show was a good idea, and one of them is definitely Hawk. The dude has the best redemption arc in the whole series!

7. Space Force — Renewed

The second season of the admittedly questionable show is officially on the radar! Will Steve Carell be able to carry the series again? Only time will tell.

8. The Umbrella Academy — Renewed

So far, the Umbrell Academy has been one of the craziest shows on Netflix, and season 3 cannot get here fast enough!

9. The Goop Lab With Gwyneth Paltrow — Renewed

I’m more than sure a lot of you would love to see Gwyneth Paltrow’s little scam business be shut down, but not this time. Next season coming soon!

10. The Dragon Prince — Renewed

The animated fantasy series has been greenlit for a fourth season, but that’s not all. Netflix has signed a contract for all seven seasons of the epic saga! 

11. Locke and Key — Renewed

Just thinking about all those magic keys that are still waiting to be uncovered gets me excited for the second season.

12. Blood of Zeus — Renewed

Netflix’s recent ventures into adult animation have almost all been smashing hits, especially Blood of Zeus. Greek myths coming to life with a twist is something we didn’t know we needed, and now we’ll get even more of it!