Creepy in Pink – Edible Looking Sculptures By QimmyShimmy


Combining cute and truly creepy is not easy, but the artist that goes by QimmyShimmy manages to do this most spectacularly. 

The 29-year-old creative works as a designer and enjoys creating these weird yet mesmerizing sculptures in her free time. Her website states that she’s a lover of all things cute and creepy. Her Instagram bio describes her as an information designer and an accidental sculptor. 

Her sculptures that resemble food (in the most Hannibal Lector way definition of food) have been described as surrealist, creepy, and cute. The artist herself doesn’t bother interpreting her art, she leaves that up to you. Her creations are fueled by her imagination and fascination with all things fantasy, time travel, and old curiosities. 

There’s something truly hypnotizing and chilling about how realistic yet scary these little sculptures are. You might even say it’s horrific, but perhaps this tension between horrific and cute is where the crux of QimmyShimmy’s popularity lies.

So now that we’ve shared some of QimmyShimmy’s art with you, how about sushi for lunch? And of course, if you’d like to see more follow @qimmyshimmy on Instagram