300-Pound Wearable Cake Dress Sets New World Record


You may not have known there was a world record for the largest cake dress ever made, and worn. The previous record was set by a baker who created a 150 pound dress made from cake. Well a baker from Switzerland has just topped that record, and you might not believe just how heavy her creation weighs in: 300 pounds. Can you imagine wearing a dress that heavy, let alone made entirely of cake? Swiss baker Natasha Coline Kim Fah Lee Fokas broke the record at an exhibition in Bern. Since the initial debut of her cake dress creation, the internet has gone wild over this wearable food. Guinness World Records posted the dress on their official Instagram and has since racked up almost four million views. That’s a whole lot of people who love cake, and the amazing art that Fokas so uniquely created. Read on to learn more about this amazing 300-pound wearable cake dress that has set a new world record. 

On January 15, 2023, Switzerland baker Natsha Coline Kim Fah Lee Fokas broke the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest wearable cake dress. This is when she debuted her creation in front of exhibitors in Bern, Switzerland. The dress was presented at the finale of a fashion show for the Swiss World Wedding Fair. The dress clocked in at a whopping 290 pounds of cake. Even more astounding, the dress’s weight including the metal support and dress holder total 535 pounds. Many would not even be able to stand up in a dress this heavy. But to beat the world record, the dress model had to walk a total of 15 feet in the dress. You may be shocked, but she completed the task effortlessly. 

The mastermind behind the cake creation has been baking lovely treats for quite sometime now. Fokas founded her bakery SweetyCakes in 2014 – her company is based in Switzerland, where she expertly makes custom cakes. There are several of her other amazing creations posted on her business page on Instagram. Fokas has made cakes of birthday themes, animals, landscapes, sports, hit television shows, model cars, musical instruments and much more.  She designed the record breaking cake dress to embody the traditional style of a wedding dress. It is white with beautiful beading detail, flowers and a sweetheart neckline. 

In the viral Instagram post by Guinness World Records, you can see how much of a task it was for the model to even put on the dress. She has to go underneath the dress and slide into its base, while it is being held up by metal support rods. She then can be seen modeling the dress. A peek into SweetyCakes’ Instagram account shows an even more in depth video of the owner Fokas introducing the cake dress, and the dress being revealed to the audience. The dress model then carefully moves down the runway to complete her task of the 15 feet walk. As she completes the walk with a wave, the dressmaker then accepts her award. 

Finally, the fun part starts. The audience then had the chance to actually taste this amazing creation. The owner can be seen cutting slices of the cake dress for everyone to enjoy – and they all seem to be very delighted and satisfied with the taste and experience of eating this wondrous cake dress. 

The viral Guinness video of the wearable cake got many interesting and supportive comments. One user wrote, “Where’s the cake?,” to which a response was, “She’s wearing it.” Another user wrote, “This is incredible.” Someone also commented, “Pretty impressed she was able to walk around with that much weight on her shoulders, some people can’t even deadlift that.”