55-Year-Old ‘Fresh Prince’ Actress Who Played Hilary Hasn’t Aged A Day


The 90’s was a golden age of entertainment, with some of the best television shows ever created. This was the era that produced shows like Friends, In Living Color, and Living Single. These shows may be decades old, but are so good that they are still watched heavily today. One of these shows of the 90’s that has become legendary is Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Fresh Prince was all about a family trying to maneuver life and taught us all some very valuable lessons. While Will Smith’s character was the lead, all of the characters brought a unique and meaningful aspect to the show. One of everyone’s favorites was Hilary Banks, who was played by Karyn Parsons. What you might not believe is that after all this time, Parsons has aged beautifully. It is as if no time has passed, and looking at Parsons is like looking back at the young character she played back in the 90’s. Read on to take a trip down memory lane, look back at Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and see how the actress that played Hilary Banks hasn’t aged a day. 

Fresh Prince of Bel Air first premiered back in 1990, and it was one of the most popular sitcoms of its time. It was known for its mix of humor and ability to tackle real life situations. This blend of drama and comedy was a hit with a wide array of audiences, making it actually one of the most successful shows in the history of television. The characters were also very compelling, each with their own arcs and storylines that viewers could relate to. What made it even more successful was the amazing cast that played these characters so well. Each actor made this show amazing, and America really fell in love with each one of them for their individual talents and charisma. 

Viewers were really drawn to Hilary Banks’ character for her loveable and bubbly personality. But it was Parson’s ability to infuse her character with her comedic talent and charm that made Hilary such a memorable and redeemable fixture on the show.  “I think with her, she’s, you know, so self-centered and seemingly myopic, but at the same time, she’s very focused and determined and has confidence,” Parsons said of Hilary Banks. “You know, the confidence we all wish we had if she wants to do something, she knows she can do it. She always gets what she wants, you know?”

Parsons returned to her Fresh Prince days with the show’s reunion in late 2020. But other than that, Parsons has a full life and is still working in show biz. She spends her time as a family woman with her husband and children. She also stays very active in the entertainment industry, and even works on film projects with her family. In the film Sweet Thing, she is featured along with her children, and the film is directed by her husband Alexandre Rockwell. 

“My husband had done a film called Little Feet years ago with them. I think Lana was seven, and Nico was three. And that was such a great experience! It was fun” Parsons said. “And I remember, when they did it, it was very real and true guerrilla filmmaking – like, ‘Oh, let’s go shoot over there.’ And everybody can pick up and run and go. Everyone in the crew, and the kids, just had that energy: you didn’t have studios breathing down your neck, or financiers or anything,” Parsons said.

“So he definitely wanted to do something like that again, and they’re older. It was like another chapter, a different chapter, the story. He also wanted to tackle some things – bring in some other aspects of the story, where you had the darker stuff, and kids coming and bumping up against that, and their survival; the way they survive,” Parsons concluded.