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What Are Hollywood Celebs Cooking On Quarantine

We’re all looking for distractions during the lockdown. Sure, some of us are still working remotely, but those who literally can’t work right now are trying hard to find something to do to pass the days. Many have taken up exercising, some have rekindled their love for long-forgotten hobbies, quite a few are trying to use this time to learn something new, take up an online class, read a book they’ve been meaning to get to for ages. But many of us are using this time to cook and experiment in the kitchen and so are many celebrities.

8 Black Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Movies And Shows

We were all thrilled when we saw more black superhero movies and shows pop up recently. It’s about time they got the leading roles they deserved. We loved the Luke Cage series on Netflix, everyone went mad for Black Panther and Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse was such a massive hit we still can’t shut up about it. You’d think this means we’ll be seeing more and more black superheroes in leading roles, wouldn’t you?