25 Real-Life Cartoon Lookalikes

What if I told you that a lot of your most and least favorite cartoon characters exist in real life? Yeah, you heard me right. You like Cartman from South Park? There’s a guy who looks just like him! Mrs Potato Head – that’s Nicky Minaj! In fact, it’s kinda freaky that so many people (and some animals) have this uncanny visual resemblance to some random characters that popped up in someone’s imagination. The question is: is there or will there be a cartoon character that looks like you?

9 Real People Who Decided To Become Human Dolls

These people have been playing with dolls for so long they actually started to look like them! And then they start to alter their body and facial features in the creepiest way possible, to look exactly like those dolls. Some say they look astonishing and beautiful, other say they belong in the looney bin, but the fact is – they’re among us, whether we like it or not.

7 Actresses You May Not Have Known Who Are Of Mexican Heritage

People often have a narrow idea of what Mexicans look like. For example, all-American heartthrob Selena Gomez might have been born and raised in Texas, but her dad is of Mexican descent and named her after singer Selena who was murdered by the president of her fan club in 1995. In fact, there are many more stars with Mexican roots in Hollywood. Here’s a list of stereotype-destroying actresses you may not have known are actually of Mexican descent.

11 Mesmerising Beauties Of the Past Century

You’re probably sick of hearing about all these “before and after” articles and top lists on Facebook and other web resources, but this time it’s not just a bunch of kids who grew up to be actors and musicians. This time it’s about some of the most alluring women of the past century.

Top 10 Unexpected Celebrity Cameos in FRIENDS

Trying to figure out which old show to rewatch while Arrow, Flash and the whole shebang are on break till Fall? I’ve got just the right suggestion for you – how about you jog your FRIENDS memory once again? This time, however, try to spot all the cameos from celebs that were not mentioned it this list.

Star Wars Bloopers Explained

It’s finally happening! The 7th part of Star Wars is hitting theaters beginning December 14th. Let’s make a total recall of all 6 released episodes by remembering the bloopers that occurred there and trying to explain them.

35 Hollywood Celebrities All Grown Up

Have you ever even wondered what happened to this or that actor after their big role? Most of them have the money and fame now to solve most of their problems and look amazing doing it, but we can still remember what they were like before, right?