Artist Creates Masks for Disney Princesses, And It's Best Thing You'll See Today | Zestradar

Artist Creates Masks for Disney Princesses, And It’s Best Thing You’ll See Today

It’s fun to imagine our favourite Disney Princesses in all kinds of settings – that’s why artists do it all the time! We’ve seen Disney girls change gender and experience romance in modern day cities, but Dave Salamanca Rojas went even further and imagined Disney Princesses during quarantine. They would also have to wear masks, right?

Chinese Social Distancing Movie Posters | Zestradar

Chinese Social Distancing Movie Posters

The virus changed our lives for the nearest future if not forever. We now have to be careful and cautious. And that’s exactly why Chinese cinemas came up with a very clever social distancing campaign posters.

How To Survive A Deadly Global Virus By Max Siedentopf

This coronavirus we’ve come to know as Covid-19 is causing a lot of panic and trouble across the globe. Whether you want to wear a facemask or you think there’s no point in wearing one, we hope you find some joy in Max Siedetopf’s humorous photos on how to survive a deadly global virus. Max Siedentopf is a fellow millennial that has found humor in a dark situation and honestly we should all strive for that too.

Coronavirus Turns Shanghai Into A Ghost City

Nicoco, a photographer and a visual storyteller, has documented what it’s like to be in the middle of the outbreak in Shanghai, one of the liveliest and busiest cities in the world. It has turned into a shadow of its former self, a ghost city filled with emptiness and fear…