The Best of the “Feminine Urge” Memes and Jokes We’ve Seen So Far


We all have certain whims from time to time — some more outlandish than the others. Like, for example, sometimes a man just wants to hunt a deer and build a house, while women have a sudden need to wear Uggs, even though it’s not even that cold outside. Such urges are usually perceived as exaggerated stereotypical reactions to all the stuff going on inside one’s life, but for the most part, these random tweets and tiktoks are filled with sarcasm and are very relatable. Who said they couldn’t be funny?

Either way, the “feminine urge” has been turned into an Internet meme, but it took us quite a while to finally appreciate it. The first time the word combination “feminine urge” was used online dates back to a Twitter post from 2009. But for some unknown reason, it was given a second life in 2021, thanks to Tumblr, Twitter, and TikTok.

Women all over the world are joining in to let the world know what their feminine urges are, and they are usually doing this as a joke to lure the outraged men into getting canceled on the internet. To be honest, without knowing this is sarcasm, these messages do have a certain “what the hell” factor to them, so it’s easy to get duped. As a man, I’ll do my best to tap into my “masculine urge” to mansplain why women have these innate desires.

Here are some of the best “feminine urge” memes and jokes we’ve seen so far!

1. Don’t let people know you’re smarter than them.


2. Hey, that’s my urge too! Coffee? No, thank you. Latte — now that’s a good brew!

3. Gotta love that common courtesy.

4. Ladies, listen to your body. If you want a latte — get some. If you want to take a nap — more power to you!

5. Okay, this one I cannot relate to on any level. Damp towel in bed? Were you raised in a swamp?

6. Everyone knows you become a senile grandma at 26, so yeah, go for it.

7. And then you never finish any of the notepads because the next morning you’re getting a new one.

8. Not sure if “going blonde” means “play dumb” or “buy tight dresses and high heels,” but I guess that’s a valid urge.

9. God has given you boobs for a reason. Use them wisely.

 10. Don’t fight it! <3

 11. I’ve seen this done countless times in movies and on Twitter, but never in real life. Then again, I don’t go out much.

 12. A book is all you need to appear sophisticated even if you don’t read it.

 13. It’s a cry for help! Also, of course, there are “masculine urges,” duh. Here, look.

 14. Am I going to be canceled for internet crimes? Damn, that sucks.

 15. Look, people, I tried, but I guess that’s fair enough.