Target Dresses Are Perfect For That Pandemic Chic


When we think of fashion and quality clothing, Target usually isn’t the first store to come to mind. There’s a pretty decent chance that you’ll run into some empty clothing racks when you next visit one though. And no, it has nothing to do with them rebranding themselves – it has everything to do with the internet.

The #TargetDressChallenge is the next viral challenge in a long list of people getting bored because we’ve been confined to our houses for 18 months. As you’d probably imagine, it revolves all around the weird and ugly floral dresses that Target sells. The general idea is to make a picture in a Target dress so you look like you “just lost the farm after locusts ate your crops”. Honestly, it’s not the craziest challenge the internet has invented.

Naturally the lovely people of the World Wide Web went for it like no man, woman or non-binary account has ever gone before. They went to actual farms, put on their Target dresses and took pictures of them doing general “working the land” things. Remember kids, this could’ve been our world right now if we didn’t mass vaccinate.  

It’s a hilarious challenge, and this is honestly the route I hope new Instagram challenges take. We don’t need to see the umpteenth dance choreography or people doing physically dangerous stuff. This is hilarious, whimsical and just good old-fashioned fun. So next time you think of a challenge for your two minutes of Instagram fame, look at this and see what you can learn from it. This is the way.

As of now the challenge has inspired thousands of people around the world to get into their best post-apocalyptic Target look and I’m sure many more will follow. If you want to join in on the fun, by now you probably have a good idea what to do. Get to your nearest Target and pretend the world has finally ended!