This Real-Life Rapunzel Hasn’t Cut Her Hair in 23 Years


Despite every hairdresser in the world trying to convince you, you need a fresh hairdo every 6 weeks or so, Angelica Baranova proved the contrary. The Russian girl hasn’t had her hair cut in 23 years and it turned her into a real life Rapunzel. And no, there’s no trickery involved in this, all of it is her own grown natural hair.

While she does admit that it’s hard to move around with hair this long, I can imagine she has no idea what a dusty floor looks like. Sadly, the attention to her magnificent hair (including people wanting to touch it for no reason) has led to the point where she now goes out in public with her hair covered up. Apparently people don’t really understand personal space all that well.

There’s not much fortune and fame to be won with just having long hair, but Angelica did join a competition in Russia called “Russian braid.” She won the competition, and the main prize was an apartment in Moscow. Imagine being virtually free of all mortgage issues in life simply because you were too stubborn to get your hair cut. Well, in this case, Angelica’s parents didn’t allow her to get her hair cut at first.

If you’d like to try something like this yourself, there isn’t all that much to it. All Angelica does is wash it twice a week, add a little coconut oil and then rinse it off. And avoid hairdressers like the plague, obviously. Keep that going for 23 years and you’ll have the hair of a real-life Rapunzel! Who knows, you might be the next best thing on Instagram and share your story with followers all over the world.