This Halflinger Named Storm is Taking Over Instagram


Imagine being a Dutch girl and buying a horse that has a very modest online following. As people do, you decide to set up an Instagram account for the horse and build up their online presence. And suddenly you find yourself in charge of an account that currently has over 50k followers, where people continue asking for new pictures of you and your majestic horse. Meet Naomi and Storm. 

Naomi is currently 25 years old and a beauty specialist. Her tale pretty much starts the way I described, and most of her free time goes to spending time with Storm. Naomi says it helps clear her head and relax after a day of working. It’s a lovely thing to see how much this girl cares about her horse and is willing to give all her energy and enthusiasm to Storm.

The real charm in these two is the obvious connection they have. It’s one of the things Naomi likes most about horses and she does make an active effort to increase her connection with Storm as much as possible. The Halflinger has a strong will of her own – like most of her breed – and is very transparent in letting Naomi know what she likes and doesn’t like. Generally speaking, she’s a very sweet horse though.

And just look at how majestic they both look. The matching curls certainly give a nice touch and add something special to their already amazing pictures. Storm is currently aged 12 years old, meaning she’s not even halfway through her lifespan yet. These best friends will get to go on loads of adventures together and will be able to keep sharing their stories with us on their Instagram page, so be sure to follow it!