Some Guy Replaced The Tires on His Bike With Circular Saws Because Why Not


There’s nothing like a good ol’ fashioned circular saw when it comes to doing chores around the house. Need a new table? Your circular saw has your back. Trying to get that firewood chopped up real fast? Circular saw. Need to ride your bike across a frozen lake? Circular s- wait, what?

Exactly, some guy on YouTube channel The Q did the thing we’ve all dreamt of but never dared attempt: he replaced the tires on his bike with circular saws and went for a bike ride on a frozen lake. If that sounds dangerous, it’s because it is.

#1 | Some Guy Replaced The Tires on His Bike With Circular Saws Because Why Not | Zestradar

Of course getting this to work isn’t as easy as just removing the wheels and putting on the saws. What they actually did (and they explain this step-by-step in a video on their channel) was modify the wheel hub to allow a 26 inch saw to be welded to it. That means that these wheels aren’t coming off anymore, so the circular saw bike is forever.

Of course to be able to hold that heavy circular saw, some other structural elements had to be welded in to strengthen the hold. But let’s be honest, this is such a cool experiment and I can already see the paths this opens for a new genre of slasher horror movies. It’s just the kind of silly trope that we need to create the new Sharknado. Make it happen, Hollywood.

Once the wheels were installed, the guys from The Q had to do a test run. Naturally, the first one didn’t exactly go as planned and the saw was a bit too sharp, meaning they ran the risk of actually riding themselves through the frozen lake. That sounds like a pretty bad situation to be in and a very weird thing to have to explain to the paramedics once they drag you from the lake. 

They replaced the teeth with metal plates, allowing them to successfully ride the ice without running the risk of cutting through it. Naturally, this grand success made their video go viral almost instantly. It’s currently sporting over 15 million views and we sincerely hope no one actually tries to do this at home. Playing with circular saws probably isn’t the best nor safest way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

If you would be willing to try this, follow the video to the letter. These people probably seem like they know what they’re doing, and I’m not the kind of person to tell you you can’t have your fun if your idea of fun is riding a circular saw across a frozen lake.

#2 | Some Guy Replaced The Tires on His Bike With Circular Saws Because Why Not | Zestradar