Nurse Adopted a Triplet Mom Because She’s a Wonderful Person


It’s time for your wholesome story of the week, everyone! There’s nothing more horrible than coming into contact with young teenage girls that end up in a desperate situation because they got pregnant. Especially when said girl doesn’t just have one baby, but delivers triplets. A NICU nurse, Katrina Mullen, came into contact with exactly this kind of situation. And as good people do, she used it as an opportunity to step up and make someone’s life better.

Katrina has built a career for herself working in the newborn intensive care unit in a hospital in Indianapolis. After Shariya Small, 14 years of age at the time, gave birth to her triplets, they were very premature and had to stay in the hospital for 5 months. It’s there where the two ladies met. Katrina noticed the new mom was mostly to herself with not much support from family, staying by her babies’ bedside for days on end. 

Eventually the two started to bond, mostly because of Katrina’s own history. She got pregnant at 16 and gave up her first child for adoption. The similar situation they’d gone through was the basis for their friendship as they exchanged numbers and kept in touch. Eventually Katrina would visit Shariya at her home and realize that something had to be done to prevent this young girl and her kids from the situation they were currently living in. She made the most selfless call possible and decided to adopt the mom and her triplets.

One of the babies was underweight and needed to be hospitalized at that point. After about two years, Shariya graduated from high school and had the necessary maturity to care for her children herself. As a final push to this young woman that has struggled a lot already, Katrina has raised a GoFundMe page so she can give Shariya the financial support she needs to build her life. While we can ask ourselves a lot of questions about these kinds of situations still happening in 2023 where contraceptives and abortion are readily available, we should just be happy that this situation ended on a positive note for all parties involved. Hopefully Shariya gets to build up her life and be happy with her triplets!