Meet Plus Size Ballerina Julia Del Bianco


Rejoice humans, for ballerinas no longer have to be ultra-thin, muscular people! This opens up a new career choice for so many of us that hate slaving away at that perfect body. 

Julia Del Bianco (who of course has an Instagram page) has become a successful plus size ballerina and model.

And while we wouldn’t exactly associate it with her body type, there’s no denying that there’s a certain grace and elegance to Julia’s movements. This Brazilian superstar has certainly set the bar for a more tolerant and inclusive world of ballet, and let’s hope many more follow!

Julia started off dancing over 30 years ago when she was only three years old and actually got a degree in dance from the university of Sao Paulo. 

After her own success, she launched “Dance For Plus”, which was created solely, so everyone could follow dance when they wanted to – regardless of their body shape. So not only is she breaking down doors herself, she’s also leaving the door open for other people to walk through.

She never questioned her choice to become a ballerina much as for her it was a natural thing to do. She had always wanted to become a dancer and now she gets to inspire others on their road to greatness.

She only struggled with her path when she was an adolescent, as even starving herself didn’t allow her to keep the standard ballerina body. She thought she wasn’t a good enough dancer and people only focused on the shape of her body.

Luckily, Julia carried on and proved to everyone that the shape of one’s body shouldn’t be holding you back when you’re going for your dreams. She worked hard to become a good dancer, and now she’s a respected plus size ballerina, known around the entire globe. Good on you, Julia!