Johnny Edlind Has 250 Tattoos Because Why Not


Whenever you read about someone that has a boatload of tattoos, you’re pretty much expecting to see the worst. Often they’ll have their entire bodies covered to the point where they almost become a real-life mythical creature that barely resembles a human being anymore. But that’s not how Johnny Edlind decided to do things.

That’s right, if you walk up to this guy when he’s wearing regular clothes, you’d probably not be able to tell that he’s collected 250 tattoos on his body. This Swedish photographer, model and artist has somehow managed to have his body pretty much tattooed to the brim (apart from his face and most of his hands) and still looks great while doing it. Instead of becoming a walking meme, he turned his body into a true work of art.

Granted, the fact that he’s a professional photographer probably helps him in figuring out whether a tattoo would look great or not and how the entire image of his artful tattoos fits together. It’s surely a huge step up from the regular “tribal on the upper arm” tattoos that usually plague these kinds of people. And with Johnny looking as good as he does while all tatted up, maybe this will finally help get rid of the stigma that we have towards people with tattoos. Be honest, wouldn’t you let this guy babysit your kids?

Most of his tattoos even have a deeper meaning, which turns his body into a book that’ll tell you almost everything you need to know about Johnny and how he lives his life. It’s definitely something that’ll probably make for some interesting conversations. He currently has almost 1 million followers on his Instagram page, where I’m sure he’ll keep everyone up to date on his next tattoos!