Alejandro Lopez Is An Amazing Braids & Color Artist


While getting a hairdresser appointment isn’t easy in most countries riddled with COVID, there is one hair artist that’s been booming up on Instagram. His page called artistic.aestheticss shows off some of his work and it’s nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Alejandro was born in New Jersey and moved to Orlando later on in his life. He’s only been working in the hair industry for several years but he’s already amassed skills that no one else can manage.

He’s become a true master of braids and using hair color to create fantasy-like works of art that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

He takes inspiration from pretty much anything and actually started off practicing on a single wig he owned. 

Depending on how intricate his designs are – most look like they’d be pretty intense – it can take from 2 to 7 hours before he’s finished with his design. Just imagine having to sit there for 7 hours and not know what your hair is going to look like!

It’s safe to say that hair and braids are this man’s passion. He works in a salon at day and will usually work on his braid designs afterwards. 

I guess that kind of passion and commitment can’t be faulted when you take a look at the amazing results he’s been able to produce. 

While most of his work gets done on wigs, I can imagine it’s just easier to try something new on an object that isn’t alive and moving. 

It’s not hard to picture Alejandro’s talent being picked up by someone that works in theater or movies and wants to use him to create wigs for the actresses. It’d certainly give a very nice touch and you can already picture some of his wigs in a Disney movie, for example.

And let’s not forget that Alejandro is only 21 years old at the moment. That means that we could have literal decades of him honing his skills and becoming even better at what he does. I’m sure we can expect some amazing things from this guy in the future!