A Triple Amputee Became A Huge Star, Proving That Nothing Can Hold You Back


If you’re looking for an inspirational story to set your week straight, look no further. Victoria Salcedo has arrived to prove that whatever limitations you’ve set for yourself are just lies and you can reach your goals if you just go for it. 

Victoria was born a normally abled child in Ecuador but got caught on an electric wire with a stick when she reached the age of six. The injuries she sustained from that accident turned her into a triple amputee, losing both arms and one of her legs. She quickly learnt how to adapt to her new life, however, and taught herself to do daily tasks with just her right leg.

Once she got her prosthetic leg she fell in love with working out and exercising and even went to compete in a dancing show on tv, where she stunned everyone with her amazing performance. At the age of 19 she was discovered by a modeling scout and even managed to become a very popular sought-after model. 

She even went to compete in the Miss Ecuador pageant, which helped to break down barriers when it comes to what we perceive as beauty. And if we’re being completely honest, miss pageants could do with some rough wake-up calls every now and then because it’s 2023 and women should be able to feel beautiful regardless of their shape, disability or color of their skin. So good job, Victoria, for showing them how it is!

So whatever your excuse is for not reaching your goals, remember that Victoria lost three of her limbs and still managed to build a career for herself as a model. Her courage is an inspiration to disabled people everywhere and should be a harsh reminder to people without disabilities that there’s no reason to not start working towards your goals today. 

So whenever you feel like you’ve got it rough in life or you’ve been dealt a bad hand and it’s holding you back, remember Victoria and the things she has to conquer on a daily basis. And despite all that adversity, she still managed to build a life that is exceptional and amazing for herself.

Disabilities are still very commonplace in today’s society and we need more people like Victoria to prove that just because you’ve lost a limb, that doesn’t mean that your life suddenly stops. As long as we can all remember that, the world will be a much more pleasant place for everyone!