9 Instagram Models With The Most Unusual Appearance


Every person perceives physical beauty in their own way, making “good looks” a very subjective thing. Some consider Megan Fox the pinnacle of hotness, while others prefer Audrey Hepburn. But these beauties always have something in common – a certain detail that catches our eye. Even brainy scientists have proven that we are impressed by certain features in appearance. This special magic makes you immediately pay attention to the person you like.

Get ready to see some of the most beautiful girls discovered because of their unusual appearance.

1. Nyane Lebajoa – 1.5M followers

This stunning-looking designer/model from Cuba has over 1.5 million followers, making her one of the most popular bloggers in the world. Nyane’s love for everything fashionable feeds everyone’s thirst for unusual visual experiments.

2. Katarzyna Jujeczka – 7.3k followers

Hailing from Poland, Katarzyna Jujeczka is known for her distinctive looks. Her Instagram account showcases a mix of high-fashion editorials, stunning portraits, and glimpses into her personal life. Kasia has collaborated with numerous renowned photographers and fashion brands, earning recognition for her captivating beauty and versatile modeling skills.

3. Anok Yai – 1M followers

Anok Yai is a Sudanese-American model who gained fame after a photographer’s viral picture of her at Howard University’s Homecoming in 2017. The photo led to her signing with Next Models and a successful modeling career, walking for major fashion houses like Prada and Versace. As a dark-skinned Black model, she has been celebrated for promoting diversity in the fashion industry.

4. Willow Hand – 597k followers

Willow Hand has carved a niche for herself with her mesmerizing and elegant appearance. As a successful runway and editorial model, she has walked for esteemed designers during fashion weeks worldwide, making her a sought-after talent who has already worked for major brands, including Prada, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, and Alexander McQueen. Willow is often compared to Disney princesses, which, looking at her, is not that far from the truth.

5. Maria Oz – 127k followers

With Ukrainian roots, Maria Oz has made a name for herself in the fashion world through her striking features, unique style, and superb animating skills. she often shows her love for fashion, travel, and art in her social media. Maria’s modeling journey has seen her work with a range of designers and participate in various fashion events, highlighting her potential as a rising star in the industry. And, yes, they are real. The eyes, I mean.

6. Marjan Jonkman – 87k followers

Marjan is a Dutch model who gained prominence in the fashion industry for her unique and unconventional look, characterized by her facial features, intense gaze, and short, platinum-blonde hair. Her beauty and edgy style have made her a standout figure in the fashion world, and she continues to be a sought-after model in the industry.

7. Tsunaina – 368k followers

As it turns out, Tibet also has insanely beautiful models. Tsunaina’s unique look draws you in without you even noticing. It’s hypnotizing. Mesmerizing. Glorious in every way! She is celebrated for breaking stereotypes and embracing her individuality, making her an inspiration to many aspiring creatives and fashion enthusiasts.

8. Meghan Collison – 1.9k followers

This Canadian model has made waves in the fashion section of Instagram. Her reels offer insights into her professional life and glimpses of her personal business. Having worked with numerous high-profile designers, including D&G, Prada, and LV, to name a few, Meghan has become a hugely successful model in the competitive world of fashion.

9. Shudu Gram – 240k followers

Shudu Gram is a digital model and virtual art project created by British photographer Cameron-James Wilson. Shudu’s hyper-realistic computer-generated imagery has sparked discussions about the representation of virtual models in the fashion industry. Although she doesn’t exist as a real person, Shudu’s Instagram presence and the artistry behind her creation have garnered significant attention, contributing to the ongoing dialogue surrounding digital influencers and their impact on fashion and media.