6 Amazing Male Beauty Bloggers to follow ASAP


With social media at the forefront of content creation these days, there are millions of people developing their brands online. From foodies and fashion, to tech and entertainment, there is always someone new trying to make their big break by developing content in their industry. One of these industries is beauty, and accounts for one of the biggest markets right now as far as growth and engagement on social platforms. Because of just how many amateurs and professionals there are in the beauty industry, social media is over saturated with people trying to break into or already in the world of beauty. With all of these beauty brands inundating the market, it is hard to know as a consumer which online brands are the best to follow. Deciphering through so much content can be hard when trying to find out what beauty brands resonate with you. But there are some influencers that are setting the trend in beauty and are making a real name for themselves online. These professional beauty bloggers have added value to the industry with advice, products, and more. With their expertise, personality, and amazing content, they have found a way to cut through the noise of their competitors. To learn more about these great influencers, check out these 6 amazing beauty bloggers you need to follow ASAP. 

Rowan Young (@rowanyoungx)

Rowan Young is a beauty blogger based in Bristol of the United Kingdom. He frequently posts on his Instagram about different makeup techniques and blending methods. He also posts about things that are relevant to everyone, such as mental health awareness. He personally talked about how he improved his mental health by using social media and his platform as his creative outlet. 

Zack (@zack.makeup)

Zack is another beauty blogger from the United Kingdom, and is 23 years old. Zack’s Instagram bio says that he is a self-taught make up artist, and he also says, “Soap brows, cream blush and freckles are my holy trinity.” One of his latest posts was of a blue eye shadow technique that he created, and listed the several products used to create the look and feel of the make up. 

BeautyMarin (@bloodymarinofficial)

BeautyMarin is a self-taught make up artist based in Moldova. He says in his bio on Instagram that he is the first and only one male beauty blogger in Moldova, which is located in Eastern Europe. He makes many posts about different techniques for make up and creates interesting looks. One post features a unique creation he came up with that almost make his face look like a painting. 

Manny Gutierrez (@mannymua733)

Manny Gutierrez is a make up artist based in San Diego, California. He is also a Youtuber and all around entrepreneur. He is also the first male brand ambassador for the well-known beauty brand Maybelline. He also started his own cosmetic line called Lunar Beauty. Between all of his social media platforms, Manny has an online presence with a combined reach of 10 million users. 

Patrickstarrr (@patrickstarrr)

Patrickstarrr is an online beauty blogger that is popular on several social media platforms. He is on TikTok and is very popular on Instagram with over 4 million followers. He also is the host of Say Yas to the Guest, which is an online podcast that is all about business, beauty and “being a boss,” as described in the podcast’s Instagram bio. He also started his own fashion line called Fashion to Figure. 

James Charles (@jamescharles)

James Charles is an online beauty YouTuber and make up artist. He is based out of Bethlehem, New York. He started his beauty journey on YouTube with posting makeup tutorials. Then in 2016, he became the first male brand ambassador for the iconic makeup brand Covergirl.