Let’s just get something out of the way: we are all human beings and no matter how much you love another person for being awesome on stage, in a movie or maybe he/she is your significant other – we all do weird stuff for virtually no reason. Some people like to pick their nose, others add baby food to guacamole, you know, something completely normal in their own eyes, but it may seem wacky and even disgusting to others.


Why do we do all those small crazy things? Sometimes it’s superstitions, other times it’s a medical condition but most of the time it’s just because we want to. These 12 celebs are no different than you and me and therefore they too have some bizarre habits!


1. Victoria Beckham1. Victoria BeckhamShe maintains her silky-smooth skin by rubbing the moisturizer all over her hands and feet and then covers them with socks. Yeah, socks.



2. Teri Hatcher2. Teri HatcherThe secret of Teri’s age-defying beauty? Red wine baths. Simple as that, people. Open a few barrels of that sweet Italian Merlot and wash the wrinkles away.